We’re filming in Cincinnati this weekend

Charlotte and Andy are  in Cincinnati this weekend filming Fred in his hometown. They’ll be at the Blue Wisp for his performances, the first time Fred has played a local club in Cincinnati in a very long time. If you see them around town, don’t be shy…

Orpheus returning from hell

“It’s a meaningful exploration of what it is to go to this line of demarcation between life and death”, says director and librettist Herschel Garfein. “It would be an interesting story even if it wasn’t Fred Hersch, but it’s like having Orpheus after he gets back from hell tell his story and make a piece about it.”

No Blues Here

We have the opposite of the blues. Day two of the “My Coma Dreams” music rehearsal was stunning. Yesterday, we had free-range DPs. Today, they were a bit more penned in. There were a lot of people in the room. But we got a complete run through of the show! We’re show-ers, not tellers, so you’ll just have to wait for us to upload some footage (as soon as we download it, archive it, copy it, convert it to .mov–we’ll sleep someday). Stay tuned. We’ll also throw up an album of stills from the 5D, not this crappy iphone(left to right) Josh Weinstein, Fred, Michael Winther, Charlotte. Thanks Andy, Josh, and Richard.

Countdown to “My Coma Dreams”

Had an amazing shoot today at SIR studios, where, we were told “A very professional” band was rehearsing very loudly across the hall from Stage 2. This iphone photo doesn’t do it justice….About 4 weeks out from the premiere of “My Coma Dreams.” Fred Hersch at the piano. Andy Shocken, camera left. Charlotte Lagarde, camera right. 

Filming Michael Winther rehearsing at Fred’s

Michael Winther rehearsing My Coma Dreams at Fred's

Yesterday’s rehearsal of My Coma Dreams at Fred’s was a gem. It was the first time I got to hear and film the song “The Knitters” in its entirety. Michael has the most beautiful voice. “I wrote it with him in mind,” Fred told me afterward. It shows.